Spring Rain // This Damp Morning- Poetry

This damp morning

Flows clear drops,

Falling, sinking

Deep into soft earth, to

Kiss the depths

Where the hidden

Treasures of Spring

Find solitude and grounding.

Mysterious channels, running

Beneath the muddy fields-

Pour out into ravines,

Whose songs sound like rivers

And where lonely drops become

A single moving, living thing-

And I, bundled and tucked

Gaze outside,

And sip my morning coffee.

The sky is gray and the

Ebb and flow of rain

Falling fast, then softly-

The gentle slosh of

Coffee, and myself being

Made of water and soil and shapeless soul-

Today should I join with Spring,

To be melancholy and moan,

For days of sun and blooms, when

this wet day has finished crying-

Or at my own hidden depths,

is today a day to join the rushing- the life?

A day for laughing and splashing

As I walk and imagine, wide-eyed

Maybe tomorrow? Maybe in May…

“What unknown joys will this day bring?”

By Erin Rain Gautier. Written about the 3rd rainy day in a row in Hata, Japan.

Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

Erin Rain Gautier