Trail Journal: Hoh River

The rainforest is not pretty like a wild flower or a mountain lake. It is untamed, competitive, and every inch fights for life.

Vibrant but chaotic, the cycle of life is so clear here.

We hiked 14 miles today. Trail twisting at the feet of massive trees, the sunlight filtered down through a hundred shades of green to lead us.

In the rainforest, when one tree falls and begins to decompose, tiny spores plant themselves in its bark, elevated from the battleground for survival on the ground. All around the dead tree they send roots, eventually reaching soil.

To us, long after nurse logs have turned to dust, it looks as if trees are standing on their tip-toes, frozen in a mysterious ballet.

By Erin Rain Gautier. Hoh River Trail, Olympic National Park

Photo by Erin Rain Gautier.