Cracks // Rain— Poetry on Acts 2

A world where borders

Titles and class

Hate and pride


Here, we destroy

Each other, ourselves

Serving beasts

Never full, our hearts—

Seep out through

Deep, dry cracks

Fractured are these social lines

Shattered, our best plans for peace

No one can rise above it all

Inside and out, our common truth:

Brokenness… Emptiness… Despair

Close your eyes

Imagine with me

A plain as far as you can see

Distraught with draught

Cracks deep and dry

Lifeless and littered…

Stand in its center

The brittle crunch,

The moaning wind

Breathe in and feel your throat go dry

Close your eyes — you know this place.

Now rolling in imagine this:

Wind heavy with a scent

Sweet and healing, silence pierced

Sounds of coming thunder

Feel on your breath and flaking skin—

Rejoice with every drop of rain!

Hold it in your hands and dance,

On ground becoming holy

Life is here- here in these cracks

Redemption is falling

Drip by drip

A place once dead will come to life

Beauty will bloom and

These fracture lines,

These cracks and walls,

These hateful chasms will

Be bound like wounds

Cleaned and wrapped—

Will be made new

Only one thing can make this true

One Holy Spirit

At work in me and in you.

-By Erin Rain Gautier, Poetry on Acts 2.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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