Almaty, Three Poems

Almaty, 1: Bus

For souls behind faces

On a crowded bus I


Almaty, 2: Garden

Was it You

Who told them

To kneel on concrete

To reach patches of earth

Planting Seeds

Of color and hope

Was it You

When everything

Went gray

Who trickled sunlight

To the deepest roots

Who saved them all

From dying away

Did You

Who created

Stems, colors and petal shapes

Have them in mind

From the dawning day

Will You

Grow more

Than flowers here?

This air

Still gray

Send light again

The seeds are here-

Save them, Lord

From dying away

Almaty, 3: Windows

Fireworks and mango tea

Rabbit foot dangling

From the door

Out of windows escape

Laughter and tunes-

Through windows rush

The pouring rain

Haunting lines-

The call to prayer

We shut the windows

Draw the blinds

To worship


I wonder how

Much the windows

Can hold inside

Power unseen


Surging and singing-

Maybe it will float away

To be

A window

Into heaven

Poetry by Erin Rain Gautier, inspired by Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Photo by Azamat Kinzhitaev on Unsplash